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While we are located in East Tennessee, the majority of our sales are elsewhere in the United States. Transport is available anywhere in the United States. We hand deliver each puppy. On the off chance that we have to contract out to a pet nanny you would be informed before purchase. Delivery costs are straightforward and listed to the right!


Delivery pricing & fees

We charge delivery at our cost, we don't add anything for time. Below are estimates based on distance, please note they could change slightly.

<50 Miles = Free

100 Miles = $12.50

150 Miles = $18.75

200 Miles = $25

250 Miles = $31.25

300 Miles = $37.50

350 Miles = $43.75

400 Miles = $50

450 Miles = $56.25

500 Miles = $62.50

Please note these are one way ground prices, so they would need to be doubled. Anything over 700 miles would likely be cheaper by air, so please contact me directly for a quote. Anything over 350 miles one way would also require a hotel room for 1 night. Usually that adds $50-$80.

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Where are they now?

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